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Who is


THE GENEALOGIST is first and foremost a passion, graphic arts, sensitivity to simple drawing, line art, black and white.

THE GENEALOGIST is telling a story. Make sense of these traits. Create an emotion by the simple fact that these black lines illustrate what is familiar to us and animates us.

THE GENEALOGIST is a place: Paris. The graphic identity is explicitly immersed in an era. A 21st century in a French Renaissance in the style of illuminations, also inspired by the first family trees of the medieval period.

THE GENEALOGIST is getting bored of 21st century family trees. He no longer finds any poetry and little love for a family subject.


THE GENEALOGIST is not literally a genealogist. This nomination designates the contemporary genealogist, that of image and form rather than that of substance.

Thus, THE GENEALOGIST is aimed at lovers of sharing and the links it has with those close to it. The client of THE GENEALOGIST likes to please and spoil with a unique gift.